Meet the Maker

Hi, I'm Katelyn! I'm a twenty-something wanna-be-retiree. I have a strong passion for cats, community, and creativity. Welcome to my corner of the internet, Honey Bea Market. If you find yourself confused because you thought I was Bea, you aren't alone. Please check out the Beatrice & Colin page to read our story. 

If you're a lover of cats, plants, and iced coffee, you're in the right place.

I taught myself to crochet in high school starting with Loom Knitting sets and quickly started desiring more variety and freedom with projects. It's really wild to think of one string being turned into these bags, blankets, hats, and more. I love starting projects and once I can see how they're looking and feeling good about them, I put them away to never be seen again so I can start another project. Crocheting is very enjoyable for me, but sometimes it just takes a lot longer than expected. So I found sewing, hoping for some more instant gratification. While scrolling through my newsfeed one day, I found a sewing machine in a local Buy Nothing group and they had no idea how it worked or if it worked at all. Thankfully, it worked and while it's a basic machine, it's perfect. There is so much to learn with sewing machines and sewing that I'm not surprised it's a dying skill. It's easy to make mistakes, but there's really not a better way to learn. And don't get me started on fabric stores... talk about Heaven on Earth. I've been talking about Embroidery since I was a teenager. I loved the idea of having my own machine and getting to create and bring people joy with these creations. I never had the space or money. I moved from apartment to apartment for a few years and knew it wasn't an option while renting. Space was limited, but I sure checked out renting one of the storage closets. Obviously, that was also a no-go. We bought our home and moved in at the beginning of 2020. We went back and forth for two years trying to figure out what to do with our spare room. It was already serving as storage for the endless supply of yarn I accumulated and once I got my sewing machine, it became a craft room. While it's still a work in progress, it really is my happy place. And one day, it hit me: I could finally get an embroidery machine. And now we're here and I'm grateful you're here too. 

As I said above, I love the idea of getting to create and bring people joy. I've longed to be one of the makers at markets and pop-ups and get to meet people and share my makes. It's extremely validating to see people finding appreciation in things you literally made with your hands. What a cool way to bring people together, huh? I'll say it until I'm blue in the face, but thank you so much for being here.